Music has been central to Leïla Barbedette's life since she was a child. While studying the violin and viola, she was also attracted to woodworking. These two passions led her, after a Bachelor of Arts and Music, to the National School of Violin Making in Mirecourt where she obtained her Diploma of Arts and Crafts in Violin Making in 2006.

She then completed her training with François-Joseph Pommet, where she worked as an assistant for five years in Reims (France) before crossing the Atlantic to broaden her knowledge in Montreal (Québec, Canada), in the Wilder & Davis workshop. In addition to her work repairing, restoring and maintaining the instruments of the string-quartet, Leïla Barbedette has made modern and baroque violins, violas and cellos, played by student and professional musicians in Europe and Canada. She regularly participates in luthiers' meetings, symposiums and professional internships that allow her to continue to enrich her training and experience. 

After eleven years of addressing the daily concerns of musicians and their instruments, Leïla has set up her own business, principally focused on manufacturing, that is, creating instruments. She also resume her studies in music at the Université de Montréal to deepen her practice of classical singing. She explores, through various courses, the links that can be established between the practice of singing and that of violin making. Since this year, she has been a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Music Acoustics course at the Université de Montréal.
Leïla Barbedette is a founding member of the Maker's Forum, the association of canadian contemporary violin and bow makers, she is its secretary since 2018.